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Today, many companies are adopting a remote work option for their workforces. This option is influenced by advances in technology, an increasing concern for the environment, high gas prices, real estate expense and the need for business continuity. Remote work is widely understood to provide companies with improved productivity and lower overhead costs for such items as real estate, utilities, and maintenance.

It is vital for IT departments to be able to deploy and manage a teleworking solution that provides remote workers and branch offices with secure, consistent access to the company’s network.

ManageExpress Virtual Office (MEVO) is an operations automation and management tool that allows you to set up and deliver the Cisco Virtual Office (CVO) solution. The MEVO tool enables the seamless delivery of secure network services using Cisco virtual operations by managing spokes, headends, and infrastructure devices from a single user interface. MEVO provides multiple role-based user experiences. The Administrative Portal enables the management of all aspects of service delivery and the Employee Portal enables signup and basic self-management of requested services.

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Product Highlights

Zero Touch Deployment

Enables secure, easy delivery of Cisco Virtual Office through Zero Touch Provisioning.

Single Management Interface

Accelerates network operations by managing spokes, head-ends and infrastructure devices from a single user interface.

Advanced Device Management

Day 2 management, IOS upgrades, addition or removal of spokes simplified with MEVOs intuitive GUI. Operations can be run in bulk or based on groups of devices with auto retry functionality

Extensible State-full Business Logic

Workflows can be built easily to simplify deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Enterprise Wide View

Application visibility at the hubs allows users to extract data in a way that is useful to them. It provides a snapshot of the network.

Role Based Access Control

Employee portal for sign up and basic self-management with AD integration.

Real Time Spoke Visibility

Tunnel Status

Real time status with notifications and historical logging.

More Information

Target Markets

  • Enterprise  Enables the enterprise to deliver cost-effective and secure unified mobility service.
  • Government   Allows government agencies to reduce support and operational costs by automating VPN provisioning virtually eliminating the chance of human error.
  • Service Providers/SMB  The SMB market requires service providers to offer standardized services; this low cost solution proves to be an effective way of diminishing the barrier to entry for SMBs for managed services and implementation of Cisco enterprise class hardware.

A Closer Look

If you would like to take a closer look at our ManageExpress Virtual Office solution, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you. Please send an email with your name and organization details to Please specify whether you would like us to schedule a demo of the product for you and/or you would like to receive an evaluation copy of the product.

How To Buy

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